Science on Screen: The Balmond Studio Interview

The LML fellows were recently interviewed by Balmond Studio for the Science on Screen Programme.  “What’s deeply fascinating about science is identical to what’s fascinating about film.  Read more

Japanese School Work Experience

Scientific Work Experience

From 15-16th January, LML welcomed Hiro, Ren and Suzuka from the Japanese School in London for scientific work experience. On the first day the students were given a tutorial survey of time series, Read more

Tongue Tied

Tongue-tied by authority

LML was delighted to host three distinguished speakers at the event, Tongue-tied by authority, held on 12th November 2014 The event explored the themes of academic authority and paradigm shifts. Read more


Scientific Work Experience

From 15-16th January LML welcomed Rika Yoshitani and Yudai Yoshida from the Japanese School in London for a scientific work experience. On the first day the students were introduced to time series Read more


“Why we underestimate risk by omitting time as a factor” by Mark Buchanan

Writing for Bloomberg, Mark Buchanan explains the conceptual difference between classical behavioral utility theory and Ole Peters’ work on risk that emphasizes the non-ergodic nature of models of wealth dynamics. Read more


City A.M. article by Alex Adamou

Alex Adamou introduces the notion of ergodicity and the role of time in economics in an op-ed article published in City A.M., London’s leading free business newspaper, on 4th Jan. He urges finance professionals to Read more

Nature Physics

“Gamble with time” by Mark Buchanan

Mark Buchanan writes in the January issue of Nature Physics about Ole Peters’ work on the St Petersburg paradox. Referring to Ole’s strategy of regarding time as a key concept, he writes “it’s more or less impossible to Read more


“A crack in the foundations — more readings” by Rick Bookstaber.

One year on from Rick’s first piece discussing Ole Peters’ work “Menger 1934 revisited”, here’s an update of what has happened since.  Read more

Alex Adamou

“The numbers man” by Eric van den Berg.

Eric van den Berg, of Lloyd’s List explores Alex Adamou’s work in the shipping industry. As chief quant at VesselsValue, Alex developed mathematical models to price large ships. Read more