Tongue-tied by authority

LML was delighted to host three distinguished speakers at the event, Tongue-tied by authority, held on 12th November 2014 The event explored the themes of academic authority and paradigm shifts. Speakers and guests were welcomed to LML by Alex Adamou, who introduced the topic.

Charles Beauclerk spoke about the Shakespeare authorship question, the creation of ideologies, the exaltation of critic over artist, absolute truth as a fixed point, and the failure of education as a path to self-awareness.
Sebastien Guenneau recounted the recent paradigm shift of negative refraction in optical physics, the history of how it occurred, the accompanying academic controversy, and the new technologies it is inspiring.
Mark Notturno discussed the epistemology of paradigm shifts and paradigm shifts in epistemology. He described knowledge as a combination of premises and logical deductions, the use of logic as a tool for interrogating premises, the importance of understanding tautologies, and Kuhn’s theories of scientific revolutions.
Lively exchanges were enjoyed by speakers and audience.

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