Colm Connaughton Laboratory Director

Erica Thompson
Fellow & Inference from Models project lead

Ole Peters
Fellow & Ergodicity Economics project lead

Benjamin Skjold
Research Fellow, Ergodicity Economics

Emilie Soysal Fellow, Ergodicity Economics sustainability theme

Mark Buchanan Fellow & Writer in Residence

Andrea Taroni
Springer Nature, External fellow and Science on Screen coordinator

Ollie Hulme
Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance, External fellow

Yonatan Berman
King’s College London, External fellow

Fabio Caccioli
University College London, External fellow

Emanuel Derman
Columbia University, External fellow

Davide Faranda
Université Paris-Saclay, External fellow

Rosemary Harris
University College London, External fellow

Ravi Kanbur
Cornell University, External fellow

Rainer Klages
Queen Mary University of London External fellow

Imre Kondor
Parmenides Foundation, External fellow

Jeroen Lamb
Imperial College London, External fellow

Stefano Luzzatto
International Centre for Theoretical Physics, External fellow

Jiancang Zhuang
Institute for Statistical Mechanics, External fellow

Yuzuru Sato
Hokkaido University, External fellow


Tobias Wand

Visiting researcher


Kame Boevska
Office manager

Board of Trustees

Bill Miller

Oliver Schuppart

Ben Yeoh