Scientific Work Experience

From 15-16th January, LML welcomed Hiro, Ren and Suzuka from the Japanese School in London for scientific work experience. On the first day the students were given a tutorial survey of time series, with examples ranging from airline passenger growth to Nile river levels. The students learned to identify features such as trends and periodicities. In the afternoon, they applied this knowledge to measuring the acceleration due to gravity using a ball of plasticine and a high speed camera.
The second day began with a tutorial survey of empirical networks, with examples ranging from foodwebs to school friendship networks. In the afternoon, Keisuke Suzuki from the University of Sussex gave an enjoyable presentation on virtual reality, together with hands-on experiments on embodiment and virtual roller coaster rides.
The work experience would not have been possible without the initiative of LML’s external fellow, Yuzuru Sato, who liaised with the Japanese School in London.

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