General resource: useful articles on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic (last updated 8 April 2020)

This blog post lists some further  articles and scientific papers which may be of interest in following the unfolding coronavirus epidemic. It has been assembled from suggestions made by LML Fellows and associates.
Anyone who would like to suggest other useful articles to be included in this list, please email your suggestions to Mark Buchanan at

  • Risk Management Studies portal to Coronavirus resources, including several informative webinars

Genetics of the Virus

  • Excellent brief article on the COVID-19 genome, the various proteins encoded by distinct segments of the RNA and the roles these proteins play in virus function

Coronavirus data collection

  • Oxford University project seeks volunteers for random testing project aiming to estimate overall infection rate of COVID-19 in the UK population. Any UK resident 18+ may participate.


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