General resource: useful articles on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic (last updated 31 March 2020)

This blog post lists a number of articles and scientific papers which may be of interest in following the unfolding coronavirus epidemic. It has been assembled from suggestions made by LML Fellows and associates.
Anyone who would like to suggest other useful articles to be included in this list, please email your suggestions to Mark Buchanan at


  • Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Map


Coronavirus mutations so far

  • Information on COVID-19 mutations so far based on genomic analyses from around the globe


History and policy

  • Report published last September by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, sponsored by WHO and World Bank. The report argued then that the world was not prepared to respond to a pandemic and outlined a path to improving the situation.
  • Article about the October cancellation of a U.S. funded programme on zoonoses — viral diseases in other animals which have the potential to leap over to humans. The programme had identified over 1,000 new viruses in the past decade, and was widely seen as key to mitigating future pandemics.

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