Baillie Gifford sponsors LML Economics project

We are delighted to share the news that Baillie Gifford has become LML’s first corporate sponsor, donating £1 million over four years to support our research into economics. We are grateful for this generous philanthropy, which will help us accelerate progress in this ground-breaking scientific programme.

LML’s economics research re-writes the mathematical foundations of the discipline by correcting a 350-year-old flaw in the conceptualisation of risk. Using the insight that many relevant economic processes are non-ergodic, basic questions are tackled anew by replacing averages over systems with averages over time. The result is a theory focused on optimising long-term outcomes, in which both classic and open problems find natural solutions. You can learn more by following our dedicated blog.
Baillie Gifford is an independent investment manager whose culture is based on partnership, rigorous research methods, and an investment philosophy that emphasises growth over the long term. We are excited to have the confidence and enthusiasm of a sponsor whose thinking resonates so strongly with ours. We look forward to exchanging our ideas over the coming years.
If you would like to join Baillie Gifford as an LML sponsor, please take a look at our supporters page.

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