LML External Fellows 2017/18

We are pleased to announce the LML External Fellows of 2017/18: Mark Buchanan, Fabio Caccioli, Colm Connaughton, Isaac Pérez Castillo, Davide Faranda, Michelle Girvan, Rosemary Harris, Rainer Klages, Imre Kondor, Jeroen Lamb, Fernando Metz, Claire Postlethwaite, Yuzuru Sato, Erica Thompson, Max Werner, Hyejin Youn and Jiancang Zhuang. Follow the links for more information and brief descriptions of their research interests.
Mark Buchanan, Colm Connaughton, Isaac Pérez Castillo, Imre Kondor, Max Werner and Yuzuru Sato have all been reappointed as external fellows and we look forward to continuing to work with them over the next year.
External Fellowships are one-year appointments held concurrently with posts at other academic institutions. External Fellows receive a budget to pursue their research and extend the reach of LML in the wider scientific community. They are involved in the running of LML and frequently collaborate with other Fellows.

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