Summer studentships

For 4 weeks in July/August, LML welcomed 6 summer project students:
Jan Pekárek and Karolína Turková (University of Economics, Prague)
Computing Theil’s second inequality measure from economic data
(Supervisor: Alex Adamou)
Alice Allen (Imperial College)
“Point process analysis of the solar wind”
(Supervisor: Nicholas Moloney)
Timothy Westwood (Imperial College)
“LML’s chaotic pendulum”
(Supervisor: Yuzuro Sato)
Rosalba García Millán (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
“Reproductive strategies and non-ergodic growth”
(Supervisor: Ole Peters)
Nicholas Lubbers (Boston University)
“Fitting power-law data with and without cutoff”
(own project)
At the end of their project, each student gave a presentation of their research results.
Given the 4-week time frame, the overall experience was intense but rewarding for both student and supervisor. With sufficiently focused research questions it is possible to make meaningful progress, as the capable students amply demonstrated. LML looks forward to another successful summer of studentships next year.

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