Summer School 2016

LML Summer Students 2016

Katja Polotzek (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems)
“Anomalous diffusion in random dynamical systems” (Supervisors: Nicholas Moloney and Yuzuru Sato)
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Alex Christensen (Warwick University)
“Improving earthquake forecasts with machine learning” (Supervisor: Max Werner)
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Sheheryar Zaidi (Oxford University)
“De-pegging risk” (Supervisor: Ole Peters)

Isabella Froud (Royal Holloway London University) and Emmanuel Ordóñez Angulo (University College London)
“The sublime in maths and science” (Supervisors: Nicholas Moloney and Charles Beauclerk)
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Dominic Yates (Cambridge University) and Angad Singh (Delhi University)
“Fluctuations in growth processes” (Supervisors: Alex Adamou, Ole Peters and Rosalba Garcia)
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LML Summer School 2016 Dinner