Learning a weather dictionary of atmospheric patterns using Latent Dirichlet Allocation

The mid-latitude atmospheric circulation is challenging to describe due to the turbulent and chaotic nature of the underlying flow, driven by the unstable dynamics of the jet stream. In general, the phase space of such turbulent geophysical flows appears to be large. Even so, previous work using dimensionality reduction methods has shown that mid-latitude dynamics can often be captured using only a limited number of degrees of freedom, and superpositions of cyclonic and anti-cyclonic structures in fields such as sea-level pressure or geopotential height. Read more

Metrics and Mechanisms: Measuring the Unmeasurable in the Science of Science

How does science work? What are its core mechanisms? In recent decades, research has increasingly explored such questions using a variety of quantitative metrics which can be easily calculated from publications. But some of these can be deceiving. Read more