On Generalized Langevin Dynamics and the Modelling of Global Mean Temperature

For more than half a century, researchers have employed mathematical models to better understand the response of the Earth’s climate to internal fluctuations as well as external perturbations, whether anthropogenic or solar. These models range from highly complex and multi-dimensional general circulation models to simplified energy balance models. Read more

Analytic approach for the number statistics of non-Hermitian random matrices

The study of random matrices finds many important applications in physics, mathematics, biology, statistics and finance, as random matrix ensembles offer simple but nontrivial models of strongly correlated systems. Read more

Decision-making with distorted memory: Escaping the trap of past experience

Humans make decisions in part by drawing on their previous related experiences. But human memory isn’t exhaustive and complete. Read more

Synchronized and asynchronous modulation of seismicity by hydrological loading: A case study in Taiwan

Many distinct physical factors help trigger earthquakes, among them the loading of the earth’s crust by water. Many studies have demonstrated a seasonal modulation of seismicity linked to water forcing in volcanic areas, plate boundary zones and other regions. Read more