Detecting intense hurricanes from low resolution datasets via dynamical indicators

Tropical cyclones are among the most extreme and costly weather events. In the United States, hurricane Katrina in 2005 alone caused damage equal to roughly 1% of the country’s gross domestic product. Read more

Heterogeneity of Aftershock Productivity Along the Mainshock Ruptures and Its Advantage in Improving Short-Term Aftershock Forecast

Large earthquakes generate aftershocks, the spatiotemporal patterns of which reveal details of how the strain energy in the Earth’s crust relaxes following a main rupture. Prior research has established that aftershocks correlate with regions of low co-seismic slip – slip which occurs at the instant of an earthquake – and of increased shear stress. Read more

Magnetic reconnection, the existential risks of searching for alien civilizations and carbon emissions in Africa

Here are links to a few recent articles by LML External Fellow Mark Buchanan. Read more