Anomaly detection and classification in traffic flow data from fluctuations in the flow–density relationship

An important goal in highway traffic management is event detection – finding ways to use real-time data to alert authorities to potential problems as they begin to emerge. Read more

Uncertainty relation between detection probability and energy fluctuations

A particle following a classical random walk on a finite graph will explore the system completely, in time visiting every site repeatedly. The process is ergodic. Read more

Assessing the Potential Earthquake Precursory Information in ULF Magnetic Data Recorded in Kanto, Japan during 2000–2010: Distance and Magnitude Dependences

Since ancient times, scientists have sought to identify precursory signals which might allow the prediction of impending earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Read more

Existence of multiple noise-induced transitions in a Lasota-Mackey map

The addition of stochastic noise to a deterministic dynamical system can induce dramatic qualitative changes in its behaviour. In one counterintuitive effect – termed noise induced order – the addition of noise to an already chaotic system can make its behaviour more orderly and regular. Read more