General resource: useful articles on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic (last updated 24 March 2020)

This blog post lists a number of articles and scientific papers which may be of interest in following the unfolding coronavirus epidemic. It has been assembled from suggestions made by LML Fellows and associates. Read more

Escape from model-land

Policy makers in areas ranging from public health to weather forecasting or economics rely on mathematical models to inform their decisions. As models grow more complex and powerful, one might expect, they should contribute to better decisions. Read more

Machines learn from biology, the speed of coronavirus and how to build an ethical self-driving ca

Here are links to a few recent articles by LML External Fellow Mark Buchanan. Read more

Bifurcations on Fully Inhomogeneous Networks

One of the most powerful methods of bifurcation theory is centre manifold reduction, in which a judicious coordinate change greatly simplifies the analysis of dynamical systems in the vicinity of a bifurcation point. Read more