“A crack in the foundations — more readings” by Rick Bookstaber.

One year on from Rick’s first piece discussing Ole Peters’ work “Menger 1934 revisited”, here’s an update of what has happened since.  Read more

LML achieves charity status.

Today LML was entered into the register of charities with the Charity Number 1149490. Read more

Ole Peters speaks at Workshop “Combining Information Theory and Game Theory”, Santa Fe Institute, USA

Utility vs. Dynamics. http://www.santafe.edu/research/sfi-theme-weeks/citgt/presentation-abstracts/ Read more

Ole Peters speaks at University of Maryland, USA

Non-ergodic dynamics of economic models. http://www.photonics.umd.edu/applied-dynamics/archive.html

Read more

“The irreversibility of time” by TowersWatson.

Tim Hodgson sent us the work he did with his team at TowersWatson, extracting basic concepts and lessons for the investment industry from our work in non-ergodic economics. Read more