Researchers.One is an innovative publishing platform with a simple mission to empower researchers with the
Autonomy to pursue their passions,
Authority to develop and disseminate their ideas and
Access to engage with the international community of scholars.


LML External Fellow Harry Crane and Ryan Martin developed Researchers.One, a non-profit publishing platform that serves as an alternative to traditional academic peer review and publishing. LML has committed to supporting this effort, which is fully aligned with its vision for open and free communication in science.


The primary objective of Researchers.One is to facilitate open scholarly communication with maximal transparency, fairness, and freedom and without the interference of editorial boards, publishing companies, prestige, or impact factors. Researchers.One is open to all scholars, in all disciplines, and is dedicated to upholding the 3 A’s of scholarship: Autonomy, Authority, and Access. Researchers.One welcomes and encourages submissions from all members of the international scholarly community, which includes professional and non-professional researchers as well as independent scholars and citizen-scientists. Other than access to a computer and the Internet, there are no artificial barriers to entry, such as credentials, academic titles, or political connections.

The full mission statement is posted on Researchers.One.