Summer School 2021

Summer School 2021

The LML 2021 Virtual Summer School is now over – congratulations to all our graduating students!

Project 1. Stability of ecosystems with a core-periphery structure

Speakers: Rian Fritz JALANDONI (University of the Philippines Diliman), Minh Tuan PHAM (Medical University of Vienna, Austria)

Supervisors: Fernando Metz and Jacopo Grilli

Project 2. The evolution of income or wealth distribution with higher order autoregressive processes

Speakers: Samuel FORBES (University of Warwick, UK) Samuel Kritika BANSAL (Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, India)

Supervisors: Yonatan Berman and Ravi Kanbur

Project 4. Growth incidence curves in reallocating geometric Brownian motion

Speakers: Mariam KHACHATRYAN (Auburn University, USA), Fahimeh NAJAFI (Lifeweb Tehran, Iran)

Supervisors: Alex Adamou, Yonatan Berman and Colm Connaughton

Project 7. Learning random dynamical systems from data

Speakers: Toluwani Deborah OKUNOLA (ICTP, Italy), Johnson Olubori OYERO (University of L’Aquila, Italy)

Supervisors: Jeroen Lamb

Project 8. Explainability and rationalization in decision theory: a coding theory approach

Speakers: Thabang Doreen LEBESE (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (University of Cape Town Affiliated)), Nischal MAINALI (ELSC, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Charles WAN (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Supervisors: Matteo Marsili and Isaac Pérez Castillo

Project 9. Beyond Rational Herding

Speakers: Yu-Chun HUANG (University of Warwick, UK), Samyak JAIN (Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India)

Supervisors: Matteo Marsili and Isaac Pérez Castillo

Project 10. Verifying interaction among different types of discrete events using multivariate Hawkes

Speakers: Carlos CARRIZALES VELAZQUEZ (National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico)

Supervisors: Jiancang Zhuang and Max Werner

Project 11. Anomalous diffusion in random dynamical systems

Speakers: Moitrish MAJUMDAR (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India)

Supervisors: Rainer Kluges, Yuzuru Sato and Stefano Ruffo

Project 13. Large deviation theory in diluted random matrices

Speakers: Jitendra KETHEPALLI (International Centre for Theoretical Sciences), Svetlana MALYSHEVA (Queen Mary University of London)

Supervisors: Isaac Pérez Castillo

Project 14. Tackling Quantum Many-Body Systems with Artificial Neural Networks

Speakers: Alina BENDT (University of Aberdeen Department of Physics), Asmita DATTA (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Supervisors: Joe Braseen and Isaac Pérez Castillo

Project 15. Experiments in ergodicity

Speakers: Kamil BONNA (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland)

Supervisors: Ollie Hulme, Ole Peters, Alex Adamou, Yonatan Berman and Mark Kirstein

Project 16. Epidemic spreading models in the presence of feedback

Speakers: Oluwakemi ABIODUN (Landmark University, Nigeria), Luis Carlos FAGUNDES LATOSKI (Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil), Olajumoke OLUDOUN (Landmark University, Nigeria)

Supervisors: Daniele de Martino and Fabio Caccioli