Summer School 2018


LML Summer School Students 2018

Yuanyuan Fang (Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
“Portfolio optimization under ℓ1 regularization” (Supervisors: Imre Kondor and Fabio Caccioli) [Presentation]

Santiago Guzmán Pro (National Autonomous University of Mexico)
“On the effect of resetting in random walks on graphs” (Supervisors: Colm Connaughton and Fernando Metz) [Presentation]

Inès Mbonda (Stellenbosch University)
“Risk and return: gambling score model for forecast evaluation” (Supervisors: Jiancang Zhuang and Max Werner) [Presentation]

Sarah Neill (University of California, Berkeley)
“Evaluation of model performance in climate and earthquake hazard prediction” (Supervisors: Max Werner and Erica Thompson) [Presentation]

Roberto Morán Tovar (University of Cologne)
“Anomalous diffusion in discrete maps’ dynamics” (Supervisors: Yuzuru Sato, Rainer Klages and Nicholas Moloney) [Presentation]

George Wynne (Imperial College London)
“From microscopic to macroscopic noise: the dynamics of transitions around noisy networks” (Supervisors: Claire Postlethwaite and Rosemary Harris) [Presentation]

Takumi Chihara (Hokkaido University)
“Extracting random maps from experimental time series of turbulent swirling flow” (Supervisors: Davide Faranda, Yuzuru Sato and Nicholas Moloney) [Presentation]

Khatia Sharia (Tblisi State University)
“Ergodicity in a simple random dynamical system” (Supervisors: Yuzuru Sato, Jeroen Lamb and Ole Peters) [Presentation]