Summer School 2015

LML Summer Students 2015:

Yonatan Berman (Tel Aviv University) and Evangelia Soultani (Warwick University)
Stochastic wealth processes and critical taxation” (Supervisors: Alex Adamou and Ole Peters)

Henry Kenlay (Warwick University)
“Signal-to-noise for neurosurgical trials” (Supervisors: Alex Adamou and Erlick Pereira)

Jan Rombouts (Warwick University)
“Ergodicity and planetary albedo” (Supervisor: Ole Peters)

Matteo Tanzi (Imperial College)
“Extreme clustering in stochastic processes and dynamical systems” (Supervisor: Nicholas Moloney)

Mariia Koroliuk (Warwick University)
“The Elo rating system” (Supervisor: Nicholas Moloney)

Iryna Sivak (Warwick University)
“Simulating a Gaussian interface” (Supervisors: Nicholas Moloney and Ole Peters)