The Conformist (15) + Presentation by Professor Branko Milanovic

Bernardo Bertolucci’s beautiful masterpiece follows a would-be fascist (Jean-Louis Trintignant) sent to Paris to murder a political dissident.

In 1930s Rome, Marcello Clerici (Trintignant) is desperate to fit in. Keen to find favour with the party, Clerici volunteers to go on a murderous mission: to kill an anti-fascist former colleague. Featuring eye-catching architecture, Bertolucci’s film shows how the immoral protagonist is unable to see further than the constricts of his society, leading him to radical, and yet also cowardly, thoughts and actions.

Before the film, leading scholar on income equality Professor Branko Milanovic (Centennial Professor at LSE and faculty member at City University of New York) explores the way the film’s story illuminates how we often unquestioningly accept the social values of the societies we live in, and why the wrongness of that choice is revealed only when a society starts to crumble.

Italy 1971 Dir Bernardo Bertolucci 108 min

Date & Time

18th January 2022 @ 6.10pm