Seminar on The Ergodic Hypothesis: A Typicality Statement

Wednesday 19 June @ 2pm London time.

The fourth talk in our ergodicity economics seminar series features Paula Reichert (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), who will present her paper:

The Ergodic Hypothesis: A Typicality Statement

The paper analyses the ergodic hypothesis in the context of Boltzmann’s late work in statistical mechanics, where Boltzmann lays the foundations for what is today known as the typicality account. The paper argues that, based on the concepts of stationarity (of the measure) and typicality (of the equilibrium state), the ergodic hypothesis, as an idealization, is a consequence rather than an assumption of Boltzmann’s account. More precisely, it can be shown that every system with a stationary measure and an equilibrium state (be it a typical state with respect to the phase space or the time average) behaves essentially as if it were ergodic.

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If you wish to read the paper, it can be found here (published version) and here (free preprint version).

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