Pather Panchali (U) + Presentation by Professor Sunetra Gupta

This captivating Bengali drama is widely considered a landmark in Indian cinema.

Nominated for a BAFTA and the Palme D’Or at Cannes Film Festival, Pather Panchali paints a powerful portrait of a father who dreams of a better life for his family and his son Apu who grows up in gut-wrenching hardship.

Director Satyajit Ray presents the film predominantly from Apu’s perspective, presenting him as a watchful child who sees everything and suffers the most at the hand of poverty.

Poverty and disease continue to impact on people’s lives in the 21st century. Sunetra Gupta explores whether globalization has been a force for good or whether it has driven out the hope that internationalism brought with it in the 1950s. The presentation links to her own scientific work studying the spread of infectious diseases.

India 1957 Dir Satyajit Ray 115 min

Date & Time

4th Feb 2020 @ 6.05pm