An overview of extreme value statistics

Nicholas R Moloney

Nicholas R. Moloney

LML Resident Fellow

LML Resident Fellow Nicholas Moloney and LML External Fellow Yuzuru Sato co-organised a workshop on extreme value statistics and anomalous dynamics, held at Kyoto University from 16-25th March. Theoretical talks covered topics in stochastic processes and dynamical systems, and applications included climate dynamics, the triple pendulum and the superdiffusion of chemical precipitates. Follow-up discussions with Tim Westood and Davide Faranda continued afterwards in Tokyo. A comprehensive description of Tim Westwood’s triple pendulum problem still remains elusive. The workshop was made possible through the financial support of LML, Hokkaido University and Kyoto University.


Kyoto University, Japan.

Date & Time

16th – 26th March 2016.