Her (15) + Presentation by Sander Bais

Theoretical Physicist Sander Bais (University of Amsterdam, Santa Fe Institute) introduces the Spike Jonze’s film `Her’ (2013).

This is a moving and romantic story of how a commercial bread and butter writer of intimate love and/or bad news letters for clients, gets heavily involved with the female voice of his brand new very sophisticated operating system.   The Golden Globe winning voice  (Scarlett Johansson), calling herself Samantha gets to know him very well, in fact better then he appears to know himself, so he becomes under the spell of her patience, empathy and irresistible charms. She even pulls him through a depression when his girlfriend leaves him. In this movie we see how artificial intelligence slowly turns into, believe it or not, artificial love!

Date & Time

20th February 2018


The Barbican
Cinema 2