Fermat’s Room + Presentation by Julia Gog

Fermat’s Room is a Spanish thriller film with a mathematical theme – as the walls literally close in around them, four strangers must fight against the clock to work out how they are connected and why someone seems to be trying to kill them!  The viewer does not need any mathematical training to appreciate the intrigue but, at its heart, the film raises important questions about the value of a mathematical proof; would the world really be any different if we had the proof of the famous Riemann hypothesis, for example?  At this event, Prof. Gog (a very firmly applied mathematician) will give a light-hearted introduction to the world of pure mathematics and explain some of the background references in the film.

Julia Gog is Professor of Mathematical Biology at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge. She is also the David N. Moore Fellow of Queens’ College, where she is the Director of Studies in Mathematics. Julia’s research applies mathematics to understand the dynamics of infectious disease, with a particular focus on influenza spread and evolution. Her recent work has included investigating how the 2009 influenza pandemic spread across the US, and the “BBC Pandemic!” – a public science project and TV programme, studying how people in the UK are connected and hence learning about how the next pandemic will spread.

Date & Time

5th June 2018


Cinema 2