Davide Faranda

External Fellow

I’m researcher in physics at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). My main interests are devoted to the construction of a statistical mechanical and dynamical systems framework for the study of atmospheric motions. In particular, my works aim at the characterization of the metastable states of the atmospheric circulation with simple mathematical and statistical tools, and the characterization of rare atmospheric events, such as storms, heatwaves and cold spells. In my research, I collaborate both with mathematicians and physicists working on the characterization of highly turbulent flows, adapting the techniques used in that field to climate science.

My Research

In 6 years of research activity, including  PhD, I have published 40 peer-reviewed papers; 1 book and 1 book chapter, lead author of 26 papers, including: 1 Physical Review Letters (first author), 1 Scientific Reports (first author), 2 Physical Review E (first author), 1 Physical Review Fluid (first author), 2 Climate dynamics (first author), 2 Geophysical Research Letters (first and lead author) and 1 Nature Commication (Contributing author).  My google scholar h-index is 11, total citations 310.



Selected Publications

  • Faranda, D, et al. “Stochastic chaos in a turbulent swirling flow.”  Physical Review Letters  119, 014502, (2017). 
    Nevo, G, Vercauteren N, Kaiser A, Dubrulle B, Faranda D. Statistical-mechanical approach to study the hydrodynamic stability of the stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer Phys. Rev. Fluids 2, 084603
  • Faranda, D, G Messori, and P Yiou. “Dynamical proxies of North Atlantic predictability and extremes.” Scientific reports 7 (2017): 41278.
  • Faranda, D, et al. “The switching between zonal and blocked mid-latitude atmospheric circulation: a dynamical system perspective.” Climate Dynamics 47.5-6 (2016): 1587-1599.
  • Saw, EW, Kuzzay D, Faranda D et al. Experimental characterization of extreme events of inertial dissipation in a turbulent swirling flow. Nature communications, 7(2016): 12466.
  • Faranda D, Vaienti S. A recurrence‐based technique for detecting genuine extremes in instrumental temperature records. Geophysical Research Letters,  40.21(2013): 5782-5786.


  • Distinguished citizen of the year 2014 of the town S.Agata Militello (Italy). Prize assigned under the patronage of the Ministry of Home affairs.
  • Winner of the Outstanding Student Poster (OSP) Awards 2014 at the European Geophysical Union general assembly – section Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences. Vienna, April 2014
  • Selected for participating in the 1st Heidelberg Laureate Forum: a one-week event combining scientific, social and outreach activities featuring the winners of the  awards in Mathematics and Computer Science, the Abel Prize, the Fields Medal (including the Nevanlinna Prize), and the ACM Turing Award, September 2013.
  • Winner of a sponsorship within the HPC-Europa2: Pan-European Research Infrastructure for High Performance Computing which covered a two months visit to LadHyX (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France) to collaborate with the Dr. P. Manneville and an amount of 50.000 CPU hours to perform simulations on fluid dynamic systems on CINES-GENCI facilities located in Montpellier, France, May to July 2012.