Science on Screen – Resources and Media

Below you can find extra information on our past Science on Screen events, including podcasts, links and media resources relevant to the films shown.

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Science on Screen: Melancholia with Valierio Lucarini

Physics World Art and Science Blog Article

Science on Screen: The Prestige with Peter McOwan

Teaching London Computing – Resources

Science on Screen: Whiplash with Elaine Chew

Speaker Blog –

Podcast – Our speaker Elaine Chew spoke to Ben Eshmade at the Barbican about Whiplash and the projects below. You can listen to the podcast here.

Notating disfluencies and temporal deviations in music and arrhythmia

Stolen Rhythms: How a pianist made music from her ECGs

Cardiac Response to Live Music Performance
(a collaboration with Profs. Pier Lambiase and Peter Taggart at UCL / Barts Heart Centre)


Balmond Studio – Science on Screen

Aesthetica Short Film Festival (November 2018) – Science on Screen Season, Barbican Cinema at the Barbican Centre, London

Close Up Film (June 2016) – The Science on Screen series at Barbican

Frontrow Reviews (September 2015) – Science on Screen at the Barbican