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Yuzuru Sato appointed External Fellow

LML is pleased to announce that Yuzuru Sato has been appointed External Fellow. Yuzuru is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Hokkiado University and will spend one day a week at LML

Bill Miller appointed trustee

Bill Miller, Chairman of LMM, LLC and Investment Management Company, and Chairman Emeritus of the Santa Fe Institute, joins LML’s board of trustees. We congratulate Bill and thank him for accepting his nomination.

City A.M. article by Alex Adamou

Alex Adamou introduces the notion of ergodicity and the role of time in economics in an op-ed article published in City A.M., London’s leading free business newspaper, on 4th Jan. He urges finance professionals to

“Gamble with time” by Mark Buchanan

Mark Buchanan writes in the January issue of Nature Physics about Ole Peters’ work on the St Petersburg paradox. Referring to Ole’s strategy of regarding time as a key concept, he writes “it’s more or less impossible to