LML has teamed up with Imperial College London and the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) to offer one PhD studentship to an AIMS graduate, beginning in autumn 2017. On successful completion of the program, the PhD will be granted by Imperial College London. The student will be co-supervised by Nicholas Moloney (LML) and Gunnar Pruessner (Imperial College London).

How you can help

With Nicholas taking on part of the supervision, Imperial College London has generously waived its tuition fees. Similarly, LML is waiving its supervision costs.

To make the project possible, LML has committed to raising £20,000 per year to cover the student’s stipend. We are aiming to raise the first £20,000 by May 2017.

To support this unique programme, donations can be made to LML through our donation page on the Charity Aids Foundation website.

About AIMS

AIMS is a network of institutes across Africa, offering a Master’s in mathematical sciences to top African graduate students. AIMS also hosts conferences and workshops, bringing together researchers and students from across the world. Starting in 2003 in Cape Town South Africa, AIMS has since opened branches in Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, and Tanzania.

If you would like to discuss your donation in more detail or require further information on this project, please contact the LML Office Manager Chloe Scragg by email c.scragg@lml.org.uk or telephone +44(0)20 7839 5557.